Llama Adventures

at Buffalo Creek Llamas
Sharing the joy of llamas with everyone.

Educational Programs

Have a group – scouts, school class, home school, business, etc.? Schedule a hands-on educational experience! Learn about llama history, varieties, uses, training, fiber processing, and more; walk llamas on a mini hike; selfies with a llama! Program can be customized for your group if desired.

  • $12 per participant with a $200 minimum
  • 2 hour duration. Longer program accomodated by special request, with additional fee.
  • Must book at least 2 weeks in advance

Some possible areas for customized educational program include

    • Fiber (wool) types and uses
    • Llama care and husbandry
    • Llama training
    • Llama showing

Fill out the form below to request an educational program for your group.

Request an Educational Program for you group. Please provide us information about your group – size of group, age(s), interests, etc. Standard duration is 2 hours.

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